Blackout curtains

Blackout curtains

One of the foremost things we look for in a curtain is style. However, style and decoration are not the only things that make up a good curtain. What is the use of a stylish curtain if it does not even fulfil the basic purpose that it is meant to fulfil? Such curtains often do not possess the ability to block sunlight or noises, and these external disturbances can be quite annoying if you are trying to concentrate on something or if you are taking a nap. Blackout curtains do not usually make the best decoration pieces, but they do keep the intensity of light and the levels of noise under strict control.

Blackout curtains are quite suitable for small children, sick or elderly people, and those people who work in night shifts and have to rest during the daytime. Furthermore, these curtains are also suitable for areas where there are too many street lights or lots of noise due to vehicles. Although these curtains cannot possibly make your room sound proof, but they can definitely reduce noise by more than 40%.

There is no doubt in the fact that black-out curtains are the best protectors against external noise and light. In addition to this, these curtains are also appreciated by those who wish to enjoy the environment of a theatre in their own house. Since there is no light entering the room when you have black-out curtains, you can create your own little home theatre and enjoy your movies with popcorn and soda pop.

One of the major benefits of black-out curtains is that they aid the process of energy conservation. Let us suppose a scenario where you come back home from a hectic day at work. It is very hot and sunny outside, so the first thing you do after entering your house is that you turn on your air conditioner. However, after a while, you turn it off and realize that all the cool air has escaped through walls and windows since you do not have built-in isolators. In such cases, the significance of black-out curtains is well understood. They are not exactly the same as built-in isolators, but they serve the same purpose.

However, if they serve such a purpose in summer, you should not assume that they won’t do so in winter. Just the way these curtains keep the cold air inside during hot days, you can also keep the warm air from your heating systems from escaping into the external environment. Thus, you won’t have to keep your heaters and air conditioners in use day in and day out.

Many people usually negate the benefits of black-out curtains simply because they may not be as attractive as other varieties of curtains and draperies. Black-out curtains are also a bit more expensive as compared to normal curtains, but you will realize their worth only when you use them yourself.

To wrap it all up, black-out curtains are the best defenders against external noise and light. Furthermore, they can reduce your power costs to a great extent. It may be true that they are not as attractive as normal curtains, but they fulfil their purpose better than most of the other categories of curtains do.