Why Choose Us as Your Curtain & Blind Company

Why Choose Us as Your Curtain & Blind Company

Dressing windows is crucial for the success of a room as windows are integral parts of every room’s structure and design. They help to set the tone for a room, whether it is going to be casual and comfortable, warm and welcoming or formal and elegant. The type of blinds or curtains you choose is therefore going to make a huge difference in the way your interior looks and feels. This obviously is by no means easy as each individual offers something unique and your choice is influenced by a great number of factors. Personal taste, objectives, window shape and size, décor of room, type of room, architectural features are all but concerns that you need to address.

Why bother so much, you may ask. Because it is your place, and you and your family are likely to spend a big portion of your time every day, 365 days a year in the same room, for the next 5 to 10 years, at least. Understand that if your family feels good, you will feel good.

As a safe guide for your window dressing process to be enjoyable and successful, bear in mind that privacy, light control, comfort, functionality, practicality and styles are some big factors that determine your window treatment choice.

If you intent to undertake the own window dressing tasks, then many research works await you. But if you prefer to engage a professional decorator, then a big portion of your guess works can be off loaded.

We have been around in this business for many years and the level of expertise we’ve since acquired enables us to deal with almost any situation that could have arisen.

Our consultants are packed with accumulated in-depth experiences through successfully won and undertaken contracts involving many hundreds of curtains and blinds for both households and offices. Today, they build on this extensive knowledge to offer more beautiful and practical solutions to suit client’s budgets. They practically take a look at your home as a whole when considering the appropriate styles for the rooms and budget. Fabulous artistic flare that’s creative must also be realistic and practical, they understand that. Do take advantage of our free in home consultation to work out your needs in the comfort of your premises.

Free in home consultation = free colour consultation + free advice + free measure + free quote + free fitting

Our overwhelming huge product catalogue, comprising a great variety of blinds, accessories and curtains, can also help considerably in making your selection task both a painless and easier one.

When it comes to site fittings, rest assured that our fitters are equipped with the right installation skills to affix all hardware to conform to all regulations. They also do fantastic jobs such as asking your preference when they discovered new options to a particular window fitting.

We make sure that our expertise, experience and services bring you satisfaction as we strongly believe that it is worth maintaining that good old-fashioned customer service that have kept us happy till today.

To affirm that, this is what we do:

  1. Getting to know you, your tastes, your lifestyle and your budget.
  2. Help you with the best options, show you photos & samples
  3. Work on it and install within schedule
  4. Delight you in every way; our service, our products and our prices