Choosing Curtains & Blinds for Home?

Choosing Curtains & Blinds for Home?

When choosing something for your window, curtains & blinds will definitely come to mind. On this particular issue, weight these options out first and naturally you will find it easy to choose either one of it.

The first thing to look out for is your space. Curtains generally give a space a more casual atmosphere so try not to pair this with a place where study or anything formal is needed to be done unless you have a valid reason to do so. Blinds add a sense of formality and rigidity into the air when it is put up. Take note also if you are having it installed in a seasonal place as a curtain would be able to retain heat better in the winter and keep the heat out in the summer.

The second thing is to look into maintaining it. Curtains generally require a much more time and care to go into it as the fabric collects dust much more easily and it is harder to clean. Blinds usually come in plastic or wooden pieces which can easily be clean daily or weekly with a damp piece of cloth. Curtains are usually cheaper compared to blinds as it usually requires only a rail, hooks and textile.

The third thing to look into is the window you need to cover. A small width window space would usually require a blind rather than a curtain as it gives you the option to find either short width blinds or blinds which could down vertically. A wider window space would usually scream out for the usage of curtain as it makes it look grand and emphasizes the width of the window space.

Another huge factor to take note is how much privacy is needed. Curtains provide decent privacy whereas blinds can be chosen to provide optimum privacy. This is done by the usage of a more opaque material for the blinds and also by selecting blinds which snaps the flaps together to preventing prying hands and eyes.

The next thing to take note is the usage of either one of the two. Curtains are usually hardier than blinds. The reason being is that curtains are usually done fuss free without any pulley system or gizmos attached to it and thus it turns out to be more durable overtime. That doesn’t mean that having a curtain in a children’s bedroom is a better idea than a blind as children tend to explore a lot and hanging on the curtain is definitely in their playbook. Find a compromise for this as blinds are also seen as toys by kids if it comes along with its tracks hanging within reach of children.

Finally the most basic thing which wraps all these factors up is preference. There is no rule mentioning that curtains are not allowed at an office or that blinds can’t be used in the house. Go along with what you feel is best after deciding those factors and more often than not, you will be glad with your choice.