Importance of Curtains

Importance of Curtains

Be it a home, an office, a building, a space with windows or direct sunlight, there is without a doubt that curtains are considered a significantly important part of window covering overall. With recent times, today people are more conscious and aware about their very own home, or their own space comforts and importantly looks. People usually make changes to their home or spaces so as it allows them appreciate the beauty, the environment, and also being different from others. These are just a few reasons for the importance of curtains, whether if it is about the exterior or interior, we can all agree is not just about the “looks”.

Here are just the 3 reasons of why curtains are important:

1.   Privacy; this is one of the main advantage and concern for people who want to install curtains in their environment. Living in Singapore, as we all know living conditions and places can be quite close or facing each other via windows, overlooking streets, living in an urban area, the view is there to the public whether we want or they want to see it or not. The protection of your privacy, not wanting your privacy to be invaded, for one’s comfort as one might not want to able to see everything that is going on out on the streets or with others out there. Not to be disturbed.

2.  Direct Sunlight & Keeping a Home Cool; as we all know keeping your home/space cool in Singapore’s challenging especially during in the day with real bad heat waves and humidity. During such conditions, the increased use of fans and air conditioning drives up the electric bills, sometimes way to high. Certain curtains can keep the heat from directly coming into your living areas, which helps cool your environment. With direct sunlight it can also not only cause discomfort but also damage properties, which might be exposed to the constant direct sunlight for too long of periods. Examples like carpeting, wooding, and leather.

One can worry that one common problem for curtains are the thickness and that it might hinder whatever breeze that is left going in the house or space. Fret not because there is a way out such a dilemma, because window coverings comes in many style and one can choose what kinds of curtains that can control heat best and which is best for the sun exposure without compromising your tastes. For example, you can have the option of curtains that have two layers, which is popular amongst the locals. One is opaque and one is sheer, if one would want the benefits of sunlight to flow in the room and enjoy the outside surroundings, all that needs to be done is to draw the opaque part towards the end leaving only the sheer fabric left on the windows. This is an ideal way to enjoy and the importance of curtains which provide the dual benefits.

3.   Security; lastly but certainly not the least, with the mention about privacy of course the importance curtains helps with one’s security. Many of us failed to think that curtains are not just for the eye, beauty and pleasing to the exterior and interior of your home design though that is one of the vocal points of getting curtains as mentioned in the beginning. Many fail to think the feeling or the potential security curtains can bring to your very own property. Yes, it may sound silly and a bit far fetch that curtains can provide any form of security. But think it through properly, with the recent cases of peeping toms and burglars, with such fabrics hanging on your windows keeps possible intruders and strangers from visually analyzing the inside of your home.

This one of the simplest precaution to take and the importance of curtains, preventing people to peep into personal lives for information to their advantage. Professional Curtain companies now do provide electric curtains and these have become very popular it comes to security as it gives an illusion someone’s inside when no actually is.