Office Blinds makes the office a better place

Office Blinds makes the office a better place

High rise office buildings have large glass windows is a dime in a dozen. Large windows allow sufficient light to enter the office and also enable workers to have a panoramic view outside. Even low rise offices would also have windows to make the offices feel less claustrophobic.

Many people find installing office blinds as the best solution for their office. The office blinds block harmful UV lights from emitting into the office, it can also further enhance the austere and professional image of any offices!

Unfortunately, in Singapore, the urban heat could cause the offices to be unduly hot; workers would not be able to concentrate in their work if intense heat gets into the offices. To get around the problem, temperatures for air conditioning would have to be set drastically low to achieve a comfortable and conducive working environment. This would result in high electricity consumption and hence hefty electricity bills, furthermore, the employer would also be deemed as unfriendly to the environment. To resolve this, office blinds could be installed, they would reduce the amount of glaring sunlight entering the offices as well as cutting down heat and ultra-violet rays. Whilst curtains may serve similar purposes, curtains usually trap more dust and over time would require big scale washing. For example, yearly or longer, offices would engage professional cleaners to clean the curtains, thus work in office would be disrupted during the cleaning process. Employers would not only have to incur additional expenses for professional cleaners, they would also have to face disgruntled workers with lower productivity. Curtains, if desired, could be reserved for Board Rooms or rooms for meeting guests.

Office blinds is the excellent solution! They are easy to install and it requires only one time effort to fix the brackets. In addition, blinds are also easy to maintain with a damp cloth. There is no significant disruption to the workers and hence no significant drop in productivity or the need for employers to incur large expenses for curtain cleaning. Blinds are generally long lasting too, depending on usage, they can last for say, 10 years or more, hence any disruption from putting up and taking down of blinds would occur only once in a decade!

In comparison, office blinds are far easier to maintain than curtains. Offices blinds are able to control light emitting into the office. In this way, workers have a choice to pull up or down depending on the intensity of heat and light they desire at any time, thereby creating conducive working environment for each individual. In today’s demanding society, office blinds comes in a wide range of choice of materials, designs and colours. It is aesthetic appealing, neat and clean cut.