Outdoor Roller Blinds

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Outdoor Roller Blinds are getting common in Singapore as you walk out of your house you can see them almost everywhere you go. They are used for blocking out rain water from the balcony which can turn your balcony into a leaving space also. They are made of a special material PVC which provides UV protection and can last under extreme weather conditions. There will be a stainless steel cable guide on the left and the right corner attached on the blinds to prevent it from moving or swinging on windy days. They can be used even on high rise with very strong winds. They are the preferred choice for outdoor blinds because of their modern looks.

Bamboo Blinds/Chicks

Bamboo BlindsBlack&White Bamboo 2Black&white Bamboo 4

Bamboo Blinds is traditionally used on balcony to block out rain water as they are made conventionally with very little mechanism that reduces the chances of breaking down. Wrapped with a PVC backing for protection against
water they are good to go. If you have a lower budget they are cheaper compare to Outdoor roller blinds.