Uses of PVC Blinds

Uses of PVC Blinds

Having problems deciding on what dressings to put on your home windows? Trying to avoid spending too much time and money in doing so? PVC blinds may be your best bet as they are generally inexpensive to fix, very functional and fairly durable. It is cost effective way to dress your window while providing privacy and offering a high level of light control. You can get hold of them conveniently, and they are available in such a wide variety of colors, textures and patterns that it is almost impossible to find something that does not match your room theme. Whether your home is in country setting, or contemporary furnishing, you can find something to match your needs. Compared to fabric blinds, PVC blinds are fairly easy to clean as they do not trap as much dust as fabric blinds. With some simple washing, they can look very new. It is also not common to see them fading or cracking like wooden blinds.

Some of the common PVC blinds you can find on today’s market are as follows:

1. PVC Venetian Blinds

PVC Venetian Blinds are constructed from very thin plastics which accounts for their light-weight superiority and economical advantage. They are inexpensive horizontal blind solutions to your home and office decors. Since they do not rust, they are also suitable for most moist and humid areas.
The only drawback is the concern of lead added to PVC as a stabilizer during its manufacturing process, as lead is considered a health risks especially for children and pregnant mothers. Studies have found that long exposures to sunlight causes PVC to disintegrate, unveiling the lead out as dust particles that may be ingested accidentally. Disposal of PVC Venetian Blinds in some countries has become a problem.

Due to its durability and affordability, however, people continue to use them. Its easiness to maintain is another benefit not to be neglected. They have been designed in such a way that dirt accumulation does not take place easily.

2. PVC Vertical Blinds
Like all PVC Blinds, PVC Vertical Blinds are very affordable and practical. They also stand out as one of the easiest window treatment in the market to clean and maintain for. The blinds are held by a heavy duty track system to give smooth operation at all times. The PVC vanes are designed with good overlapping for good control of incoming natural light, which PVC Vertical Blinds are popular for. You may tilt the vanes to instill the soft effect in your room or completely close them to have darkness and privacy. Because of their tidy and sleek look, they look exceptionally good on narrow glass windows and glass sliding doors. They combine well with almost any interior décor and often convey the stylish and elegant look to your home space.

3.  PVC Roller Blinds

Available in different colors, it is never a problem to find one to suit your needs. You may even mix them in different colors to achieve certain effects.

Also known as black-out blinds, your sleeping session can be made enjoyable without the sun’s disturbance and outside prying eyes by shutting the slats completely.

Due to PVC’s waterproof nature, they make an ideal choice for your oily and steamy kitchen, as well as your wet bathrooms. Cleaning is just as simple; a wipe over with a damp cloth and your blind will regain its new look again.

Do take note that PVC blinds are weak to harsh chemicals; a weak soap solution is an effective way to clean your blinds. Remember to rinse with clean water after you’ve cleaned them. Next, wipe them dry. With the correct maintenance, your blind will last you much longer.