Venetian, Wooden And Roller Blinds

Venetian, Wooden And Roller Blinds

Venetian, Wooden And Roller Blinds: Advantages And Disadvantages

Nowadays in Singapore you can find a huge variety of blinds and curtains to choose from. There are quite a few reasons to choose blinds instead of curtains: they give a space a serene, minimalistic look, while keeping away the heat and the sun, to the degree that you wish. With all these different option though, sometimes it is hard to choose. Take a look in this simple guide, to find out the advantages and disadvantages of the different types of blinds.

Venetian blinds:
These blinds are the most commonly used ones around the world. They belong to the wider category of slat blinds, as they consist of many horizontal slats that are connected with a cord. This way the slats can rotate and variate the level of sun blockage and visibility. When you leave a window open, you can also regulate air flow, by rotating the slats of the blinds. Additionally, by pulling the cords, you can pull all the slats together at the top of the window, leaving a clear view to the outside.

One drawback of venetian blinds is the fact that they tend to accumulate dust between the slates. It can be cleaned easily with a mild detergent on a cloth and you can increase the time between these deep cleanings by vacuuming the blinds often. It is important to keep this cleaning routine, as dust is often hidden in the blinds and it might trigger your asthma or allergies.

Wooden blinds:
Wooden blinds belong to the category of venetian blinds. The difference here is that the slats are made of wood. Wood is a natural material that takes heat and sunlight well. Even in the wet and humid climate of Singapore, wooden blinds will last for a very long time. They work also great with light, bathing the room in warm shades. They are easier to clean, as their slates are thicker than the ones of plastic or metal blinds. And if you are tired of them, you can easily paint them yourself and refresh your space.

The drawback of wooden blinds is the fact that they are usually more expensive than venetian blinds made of synthetic materials. Still, it is a worthy investment.

Roller blinds:
Roller blinds made of different fabrics can suit all types of home décor. They range from sheer -which are not really useful for the climate of Singapore- to “black out”. They are made of PVC, and as the name suggests, the material rolls up and down to reveal bigger or smaller part of the window. Black out roller blinds can keep all light away, thus they are ideal for bedrooms. They are waterproof, in case you want to install the blinds in the bathroom.

The only downside of roller blinds is the fact that they do not offer the gradient of visibility that venetian blinds offer, but they are easier to clean and they do not break that easily.