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Outdoor Roller Blinds are common in Singapore, as you walk out of your house you can see them almost everywhere from, balconies, houses, shops or even fast-food chains. Outdoor Roller Blinds are frequently used to prevent splashing from rainwater. They can also reduce heat from the sun on a hot day. Which can turn your balcony, patio or outdoor space into a useable living space.

The material of outdoor roller blinds is made of PVC. As they are meant to be placed outdoor, they come with an anti mould coating. Therefore, preventing them from moulding under wet condition. The material also comes with an anti UV coating to minimise the harmful UV rays from the sun.

For the blinds to work outdoor, there will be a pair of stainless-steel cable mounted on the left and the right corner attached to the blinds. The cables will hold the blind in position from strong winds. Without the cables the blinds are rendered unusable outdoors. With the cables attached, they can be used even on high rise. Because of their modern looks, roller blinds are a good choice for outdoor blinds.

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