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Why Curtains?

Be it a home or a space with windows, there is without a doubt that curtains are considered a significantly important part of window covering overall. With recent times, people are more conscious and aware of the looks of their own space. These are just a few reasons for the importance of curtains, whether if it is about the exterior or interior, we can all agree is not just about the “looks”.

Here are just the 2 reasons of why curtains are important:

  1. Privacy is one of the main reasons for people who want to install curtains in their home. Living in urban Singapore, houses can be quite close to each other. The view is there to the public whether we like it or not. The protection of your privacy, not wanting your privacy to be invaded is one
    reason people use curtains for.
  2. Blocking out direct Sunlight & Keeping a home Cool in Singapore is challenging especially during the day with real bad humidity. During such conditions, the increased use of fans and air conditioning drives up the electric bills, sometimes way too high. Certain curtains can keep the heat from directly coming into your living areas, which helps cool your environment. With direct sunlight it can also not only cause discomfort but also damage furniture, which might be exposed to the constant sunlight for too long.

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