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Day Curtains

Day curtains are made from a piece of sheer polyester material, they are semi translucent and installed behind a night curtain nearer to the windows. Day curtains are normally lighter and provide a softer feel then standard curtains, they act as a screen to provide privacy when your thicker curtains are drawn to the side during the day. Some people just use them as a dressing to their windows to beautify them.

It’s not a norm to use them with night curtains nowadays, if you love some sunlight pondering over your house during the day, or perhaps you just want that radiance effect while reducing the glare, day curtains will be a perfect fit. However, as night comes, these curtains won’t give you much of privacy since the lights inside will shine and the world outside will be able to peek into your life.

Since day curtains we carry are made of polyester you don’t have to worry about them shrinking when you wash them. They are also easier to maintain then other curtains because of their light weight. All you need to do is to remove them from the tracks and put them into a washing machine.

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