Functions and advantages of dual shades blinds


Dual shades blinds have two shades i.e. A perforated shade and a Dim or Blackout shade. These shades normally operate individually. You can raise and lower the shades depending on the amount of sunlight and privacy you require.

Dual shades blinds

The one big advantage of using them is that you will get total control of your view with them, you will be able to control the total amount of light you desire in your room by adjusting blackout shades against clear shades. In this case, you can choose to alternate clear shades and blackout shades in such a way that only 50% of light will be allowed in your room or to block out light completely.

Dual-Shade-blinds-2They provide attractive style in your home
Dual shades blinds provide a stylish way to keep your rooms on trend, comfortable, modern and cool. Its modern look will add a stylish functional effect to your room. You can also choose to use two different colors for each shade as there is a integrated two rollers in the system which allow the material to be closer to each other therefore reducing light from slipping through compared to a one roller system. Some people will mix black with white to bring out the contrast of a extreme dark and a light color. That’s the reason why some people call them Zebra Blinds with black and white strips. The blinds will indeed create an ambience which will enhance your particular style.

Operating them
Dual shades blinds will block out light and give you the privacy you need. The blinds have slats that can be easily tilted to control light. You will get the option to choose room darkening or light filtering in order to allow the exact amount of light you require. Why wait ? contact Singapore Blinds today to get a non obligation quote today.