Venetian Blinds

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Venetian blinds is believed to have originated sometime in the late 18th century, probably somewhere close to Venice, Italy.They are made of aluminum and comes in a wide variety of colours.Being simple also allows it to be affordable. One primary merit of them is its ease of installation. There is no need for tedious measurements to achieve a good fit. Simple screwing and nailing to the window frame is all it takes.


It is simple in design and operation. The simple and yet practical Venetian Blinds are made up of slatted blinds, arranged horizontally on top of each other. The slats are string connected and attached to an adjusting rod that controls the slats’ angle. This rod helps to regulate the amount of light coming through the slats into your room. While adjusting to get the desired amount of sunlight into your room, you can at the same time shield yourself from outside prying eyes, a remarkable dual ability feature of them. You get two objectives through one simple action!! Turning the slats parallel to the floor will allow you to see the outside through them. Turning them flat up will block out outside light and let you enjoy your privacy. But that’s not all; you are able to get the exact amount of light according to you choice simply by adjusting the slat angle. Such accuracy isn’t possible with others!!

A pulley string is available to allow you to raise or lower the blind. Pulling it downwards would raise the blinds to usher in light. Releasing the pull would lower the blinds while shielding outside light.


Being simple also allows it to be affordable, another strong feature that Venetian blinds offers. At this price, not many would fret about paying to acquire one. Though cheap but they are not inferior. Durable as hell, they don’t break down too easily and the money you spend can go a long way. And if accidents really happen, you needn’t frown because it is just so affordable. The many colours and sizes readily available in the market also make your replacement task a stress free one.

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