Vertical Blinds

vertical blinds in living roomsvertical blinds in office

Vertical blinds are similar to horizontal blinds; both work on the principle of a pulley system. Raising or lowering the slats to allow or prevent sunlight from entering the room. The difference is that they tend to have wider slats which move left and right when you pull the cord. They are the perfect choice for homes and offices alike, because they are practical and stylish. They are especially suitable for balconies, patios and large, floor to ceiling windows, a less costly alternative to Curtains.

Advantages of vertical blinds

There are many advantages should you choose to install them in your home. You can choose from a wide range of styles, materials and colours to your liking. To suit the colour scheme of your house or office. They can be made of fabric or PVC.


Besides the wide variety available, they are also practical. The blinds are more rigid preventing them from been blown around causing you annoyance. There is also no need to take them down to wash. As you can simply wipe them with a cloth.


The slats can be fully tilted to let in lots of sunlight, or half tilted to keep out some light.They can be pushed to the left or right, parted in the centre, or pushed from both sides to the centre. They are practical and stylish and also less costly alternative to other blinds.You can choose from a wide range of styles, materials and colours.

If you are looking for something stylish, practical, cost-effective and easy to maintain, vertical blinds might just be the thing for you. Their popularity is growing due to more newly-built homes designed with full length glass windows and balconies in Singapore. They might prove to be a better choice than curtains for you.

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